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Our company is engaged in all kinds of precision hardware parts processing, assembly, sales, service as one of the high-end precision manufacturing enterprises. We have the ability to build integrated solutions such as appearance model, rapid prototyping, functional prototyping, etc. We can achieve fast design iterations, physical proof of concept and scale models for our customers. We can help design and engineering teams quickly and effectively turn their ideas into real-time products, providing real-time product design feedback and functional testing. To provide various industries with vacuum casting, 3-5 axis rapid precision CNC machining services, including milling, turning, EDM, sheet metal processing and other customized services.

Our company has experienced technical personnel, advanced processing equipment, perfect management system.We have decades of technical experience in processing precision hardware parts. The company has good international cooperation resources. Meet the customer's personalized service needs. Strive to build ourselves as the industry leader of enabling manufacturing. 


We have rich experience in processing aluminum alloy, copper alloy, carbon steel, diamond, stainless steel, silver, copper, brass and special engineering plastics.

We are good at manufacturing parts with complex structure, precision machining different materials and different geometric shapes. High precision, high efficiency, good dimensional stability, surface quality can be effectively improved. We use a variety of the latest equipment can effectively shorten the processing process. At the same time, we have integrated the industry resources and made use of die casting, powder metallurgy, extrusion and other molding materials to reduce the cost of mass production products, Each product in the production process has developed a detailed processing table.The whole process flow is clear, inspection standard, we will also closely control the quality of all aspects of production. Accurate dimension inspection report, material certificate and heat treatment data report can be provided for all products. We will adhere to the concept of creating value for customers and society, make use of international advanced hardware equipment and many years of European and American customer service experience to provide customers with cost-effective, excellent quality and considerate service.

What does SELEAD do?

Solution Consulting

Top Project Management

High Quality

Time & Money Saving

What can you expect from SELEAD?

Our manufacturing process also ensures that each and every one of our customers receives a comprehensive solution for any need they may have. This includes complex and precision parts, like optical parts, automotive parts, medical devices or aerospace parts.No matter how complicated your project may be, we can produce what you need.

Saving money through our low-volume manufacturing process

Faster time to market (and a higher success rate)

Creating flexible design options for all your products

Supplying you with a comprehensive option for bridge production

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