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CNC machine tools include drilling and tapping machine, parts processing center, mold processing center, horizontal processing center, carving and milling machine, high gloss machine, glass engraving machine, sweeping machine, CNC lathe, Longmen machining center and other series of precision processing equipment.

CNC machining is suitable for the production of plastic and metal parts or the rapid prototyping of the final production materials.

Characteristics of CNC machine tool processing technology

1.High degree of automation, can reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator. The CNC machining process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start the tool setting, loading and unloading the workpiece, and changing the tool. In the machining process, the main task is to observe and supervise the operation of the machine tool. However, due to the high technical content of CNC machine tools, the mental work of operators is improved accordingly.

2. This project has high precision and stable quality. The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools are very high, so it is easy to ensure the consistency of the size of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and program are correct and reasonable, combined with careful operation, it can ensure that the parts can obtain higher processing accuracy, and it is also convenient for the quality control of the processing process.

3. High production efficiency. CNC machining can process multiple machining surfaces in one clamping, generally only the first workpiece is detected, so many intermediate processes, such as scribing, dimension detection, etc., can be omitted in ordinary machine tool processing, which reduces the auxiliary time. Moreover, due to the stable quality of parts processed by CNC, it brings convenience for subsequent processes, and its comprehensive efficiency is significantly improved.

4. It is convenient for the development and modification of new products. In general, there is no need for many complex process equipment in the CNC machining process, the parts with complex shape and high precision can be processed by programming, When the product is remodeled and the design is changed, only the program is changed, and there is no need to redesign the tooling. Therefore, CNC machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a shortcut for the development, improvement and modification of new products.

5. It can develop to a more advanced manufacturing system. Numerical control machine tool and its processing technology are the basis of computer aided manufacturing.

6. The initial investment is large. This is due to the high cost of CNC machine tools, long preparation period for the first processing and high maintenance cost.

7. High maintenance requirements. Numerical control machine tool is a typical product of mechatronics, which is technology intensive. It needs maintenance personnel to understand not only machinery, but also microelectronics maintenance knowledge, and better maintenance equipment.

CNC turn milling compound 3D printer

With a full range of services, we are able to combine 3D printing prototype manufacturing with traditional CNC processing and small batch injection molding to meet the needs of almost every design team.

Common hybrid manufacturing equipment integrated with metal 3D printing technology can be classified into three categories: Metal 3D printing and milling Hybrid Machining Based on directional energy deposition process; Based on powder bed technology, 3D printing and milling of selective laser melting were mixed; Ultrasonic 3D printing and milling mixed processing.

The manufacturing equipment of directional energy deposition 3D printing and milling is a hybrid equipment of metal 3D printing technology and turn milling compound processing, especially for the small batch production of difficult to machine materials, such as the processing of aerospace parts heat-resistant alloy, the processing of high hardness materials of tools and parts in the energy field, and the processing of high-precision special alloy in the manufacturing of medical equipment.

The equipment belongs to directional energy deposition process, which uses fiber laser to heat melt metal powder, metal 3D printing nozzle to apply molten material layer by layer, and each molten material solidifies with the growth of the required shape. This process can be used to repair worn parts, such as aviation turbine blades. The original design method of metal parts has been completely changed to make the products, components and tools lighter, realize more functions and reduce the number of assembly parts. Integrated high-precision metal manufacturing solution integrates software, direct metal printing technology, certified materials and expert application support. It can save time, increase efficiency, save cost and manufacture lightweight components.

Our 3D printers produce plastic conceptual models, high-precision and functional prototypes, master molds, and true end use components to optimize your design, simplify workflow, and bring innovative products to market faster. Direct metal printing (DMP) is made of various alloy materials, which can't be realized by traditional reduced material manufacturing technology.

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