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 Wire WEDM

low speed wire WEDM is an English abbreviation for WEDM-LS. It uses continuously moving thin metal wire (called electrode wire) as electrode to remove metal and cut the workpiece by pulse spark discharge. It is mainly used to process various complicated and precise workpieces, WEDM is usually divided into two categories: one is slow wire (also known as low-speed wire WEDM) electrode wire for low-speed unidirectional motion, the general wire speed is less than 0.2m/s, accuracy of 0.001mm class, surface quality is close to the grinding level. The electrode wire is no longer used after discharge, and it works stably, evenly, with small jitter and good processing quality. Moreover, advanced power supply technology is adopted to realize high-speed machining, and the maximum productivity can reach 350mm2/min.

Because the wire electrode is continuously supplied by the slow moving wire cutting machine, that is, the wire electrode is processed in the process of movement, so even if the wire electrode is lost, it can be continuously supplemented, so the machining accuracy of parts can be improved. The surface roughness of the workpiece machined by the low speed wire cutting machine can reach RA = 0.8 μ The roundness error, linear error and dimension error of slow wire cutting machine are much better than that of fast wire cutting machine, so slow wire cutting machine has been widely used in processing high-precision parts. It is easy to operate and suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Fast wire is a kind of WEDM, also known as WEDM-HS. Its electrode wire (usually molybdenum wire) moves back and forth at a high speed with a wire speed of 8-10m / s. the electrode wire can be reused and the processing speed is high. It is easy to cause electrode wire jitter and pause in reverse direction, which leads to the decline of processing quality, It is the main machine type produced and used in our country, and it is the original WEDM machining mode in our country.


EDM machining is mainly used for machining dies and parts with complex shaped holes and cavities; Processing all kinds of conductive materials, such as cemented carbide and quenched steel, etc; Processing deep and fine holes, special-shaped holes, deep grooves, narrow slots and cutting thin slices; Processing all kinds of forming tools, templates and thread ring gauge and other tools.

EDM machining technology is also called EDM technology. It is a new technology which replaces traditional machining cavity with shaped electrode. It is a simple tubular electrode with high speed rotation for three-dimensional or two-dimensional contour machining (like NC milling), so it is no longer necessary to manufacture complex shaped electrode,

EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a kind of machining equipment, which is mainly used in EDM. It is widely used in the manufacture of various metal mould and mechanical equipment. It is a special processing method which can remove conductive materials by the electrical erosion generated by the pulse discharge between the two poles immersed in the working liquid, also known as discharge processing or electrical etching.

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